Harvard Kennedy School Admissions Blog: Personal Statement Notes - Post #9


As I have been reviewing statements from the previous year for this series, many thoughts have come to mind from all of the years I have been reading applications. I thought about some of the things I recommend not doing in personal statement/essay responses and composed the following list for…

#Grammie, mending Jess’ s koala necklace.

#designidea (at home away from home 1)


My mom gave me this necklace around Christmas last year. I call it my coming out necklace because during the same visit, I finally told her that the woman she met a few months ago was actually my girlfriend and that we were in a serious relationship.

there is always that fear of being inadequate

in one way or another

i wonder if she’s as insecure when she looks at me 

as i am when i look at her

at Hollister, NC

Is there a god?
Is he watching?
Is she watching?
Are they watching?

And if not what are we doing?
Where are we going?
What are we doing?

I think we’re just addicted to the concept of mastery.

Yay for new books! (at Durham County Public Library)

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